What’s happening here

I need to do a self-review (weekly review) to get clear and organized in my own mind, and in my important areas of life.

First, what are those?

  • Career
  • Study
  • Home life
  • Finances
  • Health (diet and exercise)
  • Fun
  • Writing projects

That feels like appropriate categories for me at this time.

First thing I should do is identify where those areas exist inside my to-do list software, and see what’s outstanding, and add anything that occurs to me that should be there…

Before I do that, I’ll consider what I’ve been doing lately, what’s going well and what’s causing me frustration.

Personal Frustrations

  • Political hoops and expenses with car
  • Caught in credit crunch with investment property
  • Lack of mini-day tightness leading to disorganization and inefficiency
  • Those blasted to-do items on my list that I have blocks against focusing on and getting through

What’s going well

  • My big client seems happy with work produced so far
  • Feel quite balanced in myself in general
  • Learning new things at a rapid pace
  • Picked up my health building activities again lately, added more nutrition, and going to the gym regularly again
  • Enjoying learning chords and basic strumming on my new spanish classical guitar

Ok time to go tidy up my to-do list inside my personal productivity software.

And so my world is organized.

How To Manage Clutter

On 13 Aug 2008, at 01:56, Manda wrote:

Dear Nathan,

My biggist problem is clutter. I visit family on weekends, and come back with a backseat full of “crap” that I don’t know what to do with. The fact that I have adult ADD doesn’t help when unloading my car.

My reply:

What do you end up doing with the stuff?
And why do you allow your car to be filled with more stuff that you clearly dont want or need?

Nathan Shaw

Further details of this discussion will be revealed to people who have got my special report on what it realy takes to get organized, available FREE at how to organize.

Personal Productivity Software Selections

Here is my list of most used most treasured personal productivity software solutions.

For business project management and customer relationship management I have just opted to use Daylite 3 for the Mac.

Which requires Apple Mail integration so I’m going to start using that.  My webservers now send email by IMAP connections to both Gmail and Apple Mail, so I have all the strorage and flexibility I want.

I’ve also been using OmniFocus and Things for project task mnagement, favoring Things recently as its simpler, although does lack the awesome functions of OmniFocus.

And for tasks I want to do on a periodic basis, I have once again returned to a simple software called Consistency.

All easily findable through Google.

Click for my system on personal productivity and time management.

Unorganized Time

I’ve been busy this past few days ever since I started my work in the hospital. The schedule was so unpredictable that I, myself gets so confused with the shifts. So, I had a huge problem with managing my time that my other work got affected. I realized that it is so difficult when you don’t manage your time wisely.

I used to take for granted every time that is available to me and I don’t use it for other necessary thing. And now I finally realized the real worth of it. And it is really true that  ‘time is gold.’

After a couple of weeks of trying my best to adjust with my unorganized time,  I finally overcome it. I can now do my other work even if I have a very unpredictable schedule in the hospital. I can even manage to take a rest and take some sleep.

There are actually many ways on managing your time. It really depends on the person and on how he handles his time between work and rest and other stuff.

Losing Weight

Women get conscious when they feel fat.

Most women want to have a slim and sexy body. They try to do everything just to obtain a sexy body.

Every woman has different ways of losing weight. Some eat healthy foods with low fat, low carbohydrates, etc.., some take pills, some would drink slimming tea and some would go to the gym to work out. But there are some women are not patient enough so they undergo liposuction. In just a day, the size of their tummies decreases by inches.

I never tried to go on a diet just to lose weight  (See some weight loss facts).  I just watch my diet and I eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables (it might be that your weight gain has a lot to do with something way too gross to explain here:  check out fat loss secrets)  . I prefer to eat vegetables rather than meat. Eating healthy foods have many advantages; you can maintain your shape, you can avoid diseases such as heart problems.

The best thing to do when you are planning to lose weight is consulting a physician so you can have an idea what’s the safest and best way for you on losing weight. You can also consult a nutritionist regarding your diet. The latter can help you decide on your food preferences.

We’ve also found a recommended resource with tips from top body builders and fitness models for how they lose fat fast.

These things won’t work out well without self discipline. Try to follow your doctor’s advice; avoid foods that are not good for your body like sweets and fats; avoid smoking and drinking; etc… And you’ll be successful with your goal.

If you are a mother, check out Fit Yummy Mummy.

Coping with Alzheimer’s Disease

One of my greatest fears when I get old is to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This is the most common cause of dementia.

Some of the risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease are:

  1. Age, the probability of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s nearly doubles every five years after age 65;
  2. Family History, there’s a possibility of getting Alzheimer’s disease for those who have a parent or sibling that has developed Alzheimer’s diseases. If more than one close relative has been affected, the risk increases even more; and
  3. Lifestyle Factors, as most people say, it’s best to have a healthy diet and regular exercise, avoid smoking and drinking.

Alzheimer’s disease is irreversible but there are medications that may somehow help with slight memory loss in the early stages.

In a hospital setting, a nurse has to always remind the patient about the time and date. Sometimes a nurse has to put a picture outside the door for the patient to remember his room. Nurses even provide emotional support for the patient to make him feel special and worthy.

This has emotional and physical impact on the part of the family. At the same time, it is tiring and exhausting because it’s not that easy taking care of a person with Alzheimer’s disease. But still, we have to show them how much we really care for them and support them in whatever way we can do.

Read about managing stress and other areas of healthy living.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a problem that most people ignore. But the fact is, it can be a big deal to us. Our health might be at risk when we are deprived from sleep. People are busy with their works, students are busy with their studies and others are fond of sleeping late doing some other things. If don’t have enough sleep, we don’t feel rested. In this case, we are abusing our health.

During my college days, I cannot avoid sleeping late even if I try to because of the things that I must accomplish before I go to bed especially during our examination week. What makes it worst is during our examination day. I was having difficulty answering those questions. I get burned out because my brain wasn’t functioning well.

Well, that’s just one of the effects of sleep deprivation. Other typical effects of sleep deprivation include: depression, heart disease, hypertension, irritability, slower reaction times, slurred speech, and tremors.

We have to be aware with our sleep or else we might suffer from those that I’ve mentioned. I think time management is one of the best solutions for this. If we know how to manage our time wisely, then we might have enough time for our sleep. But in some cases, like mine, I sleep almost 3-4 hours a day; I think it’s best to allocate time for our rest and sleep. Like have a rest and good sleep on the weekends. Another thing is, eating healthy foods and vitamins. We should pamper ourselves sometimes too.

Read more at the Sleeping Problems and Insomnia Cures page.

You might also be interested in checking out Natural Sleep Secrets – “In Just A Few Moments, You Will Learn How You Too Can Easily Master The Natural Art of Energizing Sleep”

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